Civil Law

Much of the work we do is involved with the criminal law, however not all protection is gained through reporting incidents to the police.

Many women do not want to involve the police, or do not want to be a witness in a criminal court. We give women their legal rights and talk through the issues and options as part of her safety planning.

We can give information on the following:


These are the type of injunctions that are available. We explain these orders in detail and advise as to who are eligible and what the process is. We also offer on-going support. It depends on the woman’s circumstances as to which injunction would be most appropriate:

Non-Molestation Orders

These are Court orders to protect a woman and her children against intimidation, harassment, violence and threats of violence

Occupation Orders

These are Court Orders to stop a violent partner living within the home or turning up at the home. It doesn’t matter whose name is on the Mortgage or rent book to obtain this, as long as the woman lives there. The court can also order the violent partner to continue paying costs towards the house

Protection from Harassment Act Orders

Injunctions can also be obtained to stop someone harrasing a woman

Issues around children

We can give information on the following:

  • Contact and residence
  • Parental responsibility
  • Specific Issues Orders
  • Prohibited Steps Orders