National Recognition

We were set up specifically to specialise in helping women with the legal system. It is often at this stage that women are the most let down in terms of protection and support. HALT’s innovative work, and the way we work with other agencies, adds value to the process and means that more women can be protected and supported. We are gaining widespread national recognition for our work as it not only supports women who have experienced Domestic Violence related crime, but works with them and other agencies to reduce repeat victimisation. (Unsurprisingly Domestic Violence has the highest rate of repeat victimisation than any other crime).

Over the last few years, the work of HALT has become more widely known both locally and nationally. HALT was one of the first organisations in the UK set up to specifically work within the civil and criminal justice systems, working with women who have experienced Domestic Violence. Some other areas around the UK are setting up projects based on the work of HALT. We have also done presentations and training with judges, locally and nationally, around the issues of Domestic Violence and the legal system.

Regional Recognition

HALT were nominated for a Big Issue in the North “Big Difference 2002” Award for outstanding achievements for work in the voluntary sector in the North of England. HALT was one of 3 short-listed, in a category heavy with nominations.”